NJUPT holds the 5th International Cultural Day

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  On March 15, the 5th International Cultural Day of NJUPT was held by offline live and online connection. Prof. Sun Lijuan, the Vice President of NJUPT attended this event and delivered a speech.

  Vice President Sun Lijuan praised the international students for thehonors they received in 2022, and expressed her gratitude to all the international students in China or abroad for maintaining enthusiasm, uniting each other, and showing the vitality of youth and presenting the colorful cultures around the world. It is expected that international students can exert efforts to both study and practice, both ability and integrity, in order to improve comprehensive capability and assume the responsibility of the times. In the near future, more international students abroad will returnandadd more vitality to the campus.

  With the theme Long Live Our Love, the 5th International Cultural Day of NJUPT has three chapters, Love art, Love culture and Love Family. The performances by international students like painting, musical instruments and rhythmic gymnastics were impressive. The Chinese dance, Beautiful Bangladesh and the traditional Pakistani dress display won the top three programs voted by the audience online. The wonderful performances ended with the song My Chinese Heart.

  The annual Cultural Day is a platform for multicultural exchanges and mutual learning. Through it, we can enhance our cross-cultural communication ability, learn to respect diversified culture, and contribute our own strength to the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture.

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