The Portland Institute of NJUPT Holds the first Joint Management Committee Meeting

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  On the morning of Nov. 23, the first joint management committee meeting of Portland Institute, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT) was held at Xianlin Campus. Prof. Ye Meilan, President of NJUPT, Prof. Jiang Guoping, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and Vice President of the University, Dr. Stephen Percy, President of Portland State University (PSU), Dr. Susan Jeffords, Vice President of PSU, members of the joint management committee, academic committee, teaching committee and heads of relevant professional colleges of both sides attended the meeting.

  The preliminary meeting was chaired by Prof. Ye Meilan, also the Director of the Joint Management Committee. After voting, the joint management committee made agreement on the changes and improvements for the meeting. President Ye Meilan and President Stephen Percy presented certificates to the members of the academic committee and the teaching committee from the two universities respectively. The appointment ceremony was hosted by Vice President Susan Jeffords of Portland State University.

   Vice President Jiang Guoping presided over the year-by-year review and outlook of Portland Institute’s schooling. Wang Haiyan, Dean of Portland Institute of NJUPT, reported on the achievements of the institute from the aspects of establishment, enrollment and admission, student cultivation, and institute development. James Hook, associate dean from the PSU, reviewed and summarized from the aspects of faculty training and student education. Student representative Sun Jinyang expressed his sincere gratitude to the teachers of both sides. IEEE FELLOW, Professor  Branimir Pejcinovic, representative of the PSU faculty, shared the story of an innovative model of online and offline co-teaching by teachers from both sides.

  The representatives from both sides exchanged ideas in detail and reached agreement on important changes such as the addition of cooperative majors at Portland Institute.

Speech delivered by Professor Ye Meilan, President of NJUPT

Review and outlook of Portland Institute’s schooling hosted by Professor

Jiang Guoping, Vice President of NJUPT

Speech delivered by Professor Stephen Percy, President of PSU.

The appointment ceremony hosted by Professor Susan Jeffords, Vice President of PSU.

The meeting site in NJUPT.

The meeting site in PSU.

(Writer:Sun Jiabao  Preliminary Reviewers: Wang Haiyan and Ding Jing  Photographers: Bi Yingying and Qian Yixuan  Editor: Wang Cunhong   Final Reviewer: Zhang Feng)

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